Expert in Osteoporosis.
First of all we are a family!
Our strength lies in the union, in the attention to the customer and in putting our soul into it.

Doctor Zeggio has transmitted to all the staff the sensitivity acquired in over 40 years of working in contact with patients and since 1992 he has begun to take interest in Osteoarticular pathologies.

He has always put is heart into trying to help people and here at the Neogela Staff we do the same.

There is no real point of reference in Italy for those who have to faces these pathologies such as Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, Arthrosis, Arthritis..

And above all, there isa a lack of the right psycological support as they have a strong impact on the quality of life.
Our goal is not to sell Neogela to anyone but to really let people know the real benefits and improvements that collagen can have in you lives.

Expert in osteoporosis
Dr Daniele Zeggio creator of Neogela collagen
Neogela with booklet

Find out the collagen for Osteoporosi Neogela


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